Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week in London

So I really had planned to write and stuff while away (I'm in London, remember?) but I didn't bring my computer so I've been kind of borrowing those of other people plus I've been really tired. I'm only annoyed about all this because I don't want to forget details! So I'm writing this now as a reminder of what I've done over the past week; more detailed posts plus pictures are coming.

So, the highlights: Thursday, Hampton Court. Friday, Brighton. Saturday, Covent Garden. Sunday, British Library. Monday, Cambridge. Tuesday, the V&A. Tuesday, Hever. Today, hopefully the Tate. Britain, that is.

Okay, that's one little thing for each day hopefully to jog my memory. Just a teaser for the rest: I'm bringing home a duck, I saw a famous former doctor up close, and... well, I can't think of much else for now. So thus ends my first and only (pathetic) post from across the Atlantic.


  1. Hey-waiting for more!

  2. WHO is the famous former doctor?!?

  3. Patience! We're getting there... WHO is the doctor indeed.