Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quick Update and a Picture

So, yeah, I've been absent from the internets lately. Luckily no one noticed. I'm trying not to be so absent so here's just a very quick little post. Remember how I made those vow thingies back in like January or something? No? Well, I did. And one of them was that I would go to London this year.

I leave tomorrow. Whoohoooooo! I plan to document parts of my trip on this here blog somewhat as they occur. That may or may not actually happen. It probably won't happen. Seriously, though, I'm really gonna try.

I've done a few kind of fun things lately and I will post about them. To tide my imaginary readers over, here's a picture from one of my "adventures" at a festival that takes place approximately 2 1/2 blocks from my house:

Please tiptoe. And have a happy week! I know I will.

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