Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Contest/Chance to Win Stuff!!! WHERE AM I?

Inspired by some great blogs out there and filled with holiday spirit (kidding, sort of), I've decided to have a CONTEST with a chance to win PRIZES! Actually, I plan to do this fairly often and eventually I'll be offering stuff from my prize closet (yes, I really have a prize closet. If virtual closets and real shelves/boxes count). For this contest, the prizes are a bit more specific. And they are:

1. The Food Prize. Consists of one Peppermint Pig (, a Christmas/New Year Victorian tradition. They are delicious and totally unique (like, in the world) to my hometown. Aaaand a box of potato chips. But not just any potato chips, original recipe potato chips like they were when they were invented. Which happened in my hometown. (Or so they say, and believe me, they do say. Did that make sense?)

2. The Book Prize. One copy of Bill Bryson's amazing book A Walk in the Woods ( One of these days I'll do a whole post on it. I did pick that book for a reason (other than it's general awesomeness) but if you win and you don't like it have already read it, we'll work something out.

BTW, two prizes means two winners! I'll mention here that winning takes some work. My contests are trivia based (20 Questions-ish) and may require a little research sometimes. I think this one's pretty easy, though.

Next up, how to enter:

Anyone reading this can have up to three entries in the contest.

Entry one: the freebie. Everyone gets one just by leaving a comment (and, uh, guessing).

Entry two: Be(come) a follower. Whether through Google, Facebook, RSS, or whatever, I don't care. If it's RSS, mention in a comment.

Entry three: All about networking. Post about the contest on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you like (with a link please!) and mention in a comment. Please.

I have turned on comment moderation for the duration of the contest (I hope) so no cheating that way! When the contest ends (at 11:59 on 12/22), all correct entries (and remember you can have three and if you are sure of the answer, using it three times does increase your odds. Otherwise, three guesses means one might be right!) will be put in a hat and two winners will be selected. Make sense? On with the contest!

The contest itself is, as I said, sort of like 20 Questions. I pick a place somewhere in the world (for now we're staying on Earth), probably a place I've been though that might not be much help. I'll give a series of clues that lead to the one (hopefully) specific answer. I think I'm starting with a pretty easy one and just for the record, this place will be featured in an upcoming post. On with the contest.

Where AM I?
  • The Grand Canyon is not located within my borders.
  • My visitors like things that are faithful.
  • Part of me can be described as mammoth.
  • One might ask me, "What's the story, Morning Glory?" (The author of this blog thinks I should respond with, "What's the tale, nightingale" but that's not really relevant.)
  • I sit on a massive supervolcano.
  • Most of me (though not all) is found in one U.S. state.

I AM.....................

The contest is open until 11:59 on Tuesday, December 22. Happy guessing!


  1. Haha. Love the Bye Bye Birdie reference. And the answer is Yellowstone. Next, I'll take days that end in Y for $400, Alex. :D

  2. Dude, you are officially awesome for having a giveaway that features hometown food! If my hometown were famous for anything other than debauchery, I would totally do the same.

    A: Yellowstone (aka Jellystone). Tweeted it (though didn't know yo' twitter name; you can check it out at though); following you on my googs reader.

  3. Also I left one in my sidebar.

    And I'm already a follower! Do I get brownie points for that?

  4. My last attempt to guess timed out and i'm not sure if it went through. If you get this twice, please disregard - I'm not trying to cheat!

    Yellowstone National Park?

  5. Hey Alisa, my guess is that you're in Yellowstone National Park.

  6. I am going to have to say Yellowstone National Park.

  7. This isn't related to the contest, really, but I was watching a PBS special on Yellowstone last night, and totally thinking of you when I learned about stuff like the mammoth springs. There was a guy who was recreating this Lewis and Clark party member's expedition by SLEEPING IN YELLOWSTONE DURING A SNOWSTORM and HIKING. Like, in skis. I get loving the outdoors (sort of), but come on!

    Anyway, just thought you'd be happy that you helped foster an appreciation of our nation's wildlife in me. I especially loved seeing the baby otter and the adorable fox.

  8. Thanks to all who participated in my little contest. Update (including winners) to come very soon. I know this one was easy (much too easy!) but that was the point. Sort of. A+ for everyone!

  9. Sadako: Oh, you. Love the sound of that Yellowstone stuff, plus the new appreciation of wildlife not found in the Central Park Zoo.

    TKOG: Is your hometown not also famous for the $4.99 (or thereabouts) all-you-can-eat buffet? Plus debauchery?

    I was totally going to do a Jellystone/Yogi clue (something about picnic baskets?) Oh, well.

    Piperrhiannon: I was going to joke that you were disqualified but I figured that wouldn't be very nice!(And, sadly for me, many do not appreciate my sense of humor).

    Brittany: Hi! Good thing I didn't go with Seattle on this...

    Sabrina: Thanks for participating!
    (Personal messages for everyone these days...) Sigh. I'm a bit pathetic.

  10. I like personal messages. They have that...personal touch.


    Award for you.