Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cohoes Falls. Again.

Since I'm currently working on a pretty long post, I figured I'd just take a few minutes to post something quick, keep the blog going, you know. So here goes. A few months ago, I wrote about Cohoes Falls, a powerful but not particularly scenic waterfall near where I live. I mean, there's often not that much water, there are power lines all over the place, and perhaps because the waterfall spans the width of a wide river and isn't as high as the gorge surrounding it, it doesn't look as tall as it actually is and dry spots throughout kind of diminish the effect.

The last time I posted, I mentioned that the "good" falls-viewing area wasn't yet open for the season. After thinking about going back for several months, I finally did it. Today. Okay, technically it was yesterday. Close enough. And I don't know if it was the beautiful weather (blue sky, puffy white clouds), the better vantage point(s), or the fact that I now have a much better camera, but this visit was a lot more exciting than the last. Also, I kind of expected the waterfall to be a lot drier than it was. It hasn't rained much lately and this waterfall is usually much more powerful in the spring. But it looked pretty good today.

The areas from which I viewed the falls were considerably closer than the open-year-round park I visited last time. While the waterfall is still somewhat far away, the seasonal park is probably a quarter of a mile closer to the falls and that does make a difference. There are several viewing areas there, two that are about even with the top of the falls, one that's close to the base (in height) but still a little far away (in distance), and one that's often closed (it was today) which I'm assuming is much closer. I wouldn't actually know since I haven't been there.

I did view the falls both from the top viewing areas and from the lower one which meant climbing down some stairs into a gorge. It's an easy "hike" and worth it for the view but a large fence makes it hard to see the falls well and harder to take a good picture.

Okay, back to work on my other post...


  1. Ooh, very pretty. And very intrepid of you and all that. Can't wait to see the other post.

  2. Electricity pylons, the curse of good photographs...

  3. I love that photo in your blog header...beautiful!

  4. Thanks Sadako, though "intrepid" isn't the first (or eighty-seventh) word I'd use to describe myself. Right?

    While I don't blame people for wanting (or having) electricity, those pylons and powerlines and stuff do get in the way...

    Thanks, ag. Some day there'll be a post about that. I hope.