Monday, July 12, 2010

Sorry, Blog-World. Have a Snapshot

Well, my high hopes for productivity have basically been dashed thanks to a stressful couple of months including a major computer crash and no current internet access. Fun, huh? So, contest winners coming soon, I promise.

Meanwhile, I'm on a public computer and therefore if I post for real cannot add pictures. Damn. Not that my own computer currently has any pictures on it (thanks, crash) though luckily I didn't lose any.

Well, I've just realized that I do actually have a few pictures handy--as of about two months ago, I can email pictures from my phone without a charge. So let's all pause for a moment while I do that.

I have pictures from several rather varied places on my phone: the Lincoln Tunnel (expect those in a future post, yes, really), a nearby lake, and a not-quite-as-nearby park with caves and waterfalls. Unfortunately for that last one, my better pictures are on my real camera. So, we'll just stick with one picture for now. This one:

I recently purchased a book called Trails with Tales (I think? I don't have it with me) which consists of walking/hiking trails with neat stuff either geologically or historically or both. The book is published by a company near where I live and as far as I know, they publish a few similar books that I believe are all focused on this area (upstate NY). Perfect for me. I'm hoping to cover a lot of the "trails" both in person and on this here blog.

So far, I've done a couple including the place featured above. I don't remember the name of the park; it's in central NY and it's somehow connected with a school. The park is absolutely beautiful: it consists of several easily walked trails leading to streams, caves, and waterfalls. Of the places I've been, this area reminds me most of a place in Israel called Tel Dan. I'll be writing about that some day. Cool even in the hottest weather, fresh-smelling, full of rushing water and soft breezes. The waterfalls are especially beautiful, but maybe that's just because I love waterfalls.

The picture above is the glare-filled view from inside one of the caves. I don't know how deep the caves are because I didn't bring a flashlight and because I got dripped on. Someday, a braver me may return to explore further. I know I'm not doing this justice so I'll just leave it there for now. And as I sit in my miserably hot apartment, well, I'll be thinking of a cool oasis full of waterfalls.

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  1. Trails with Tales. I like the alliteration. Are there also tails on these trails? Because sometimes tails can get scary.

    Feel better! Yay for oases!