Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Blog and Loo of the Year

Since one blog I forget to update isn't enough, I now have another! This one's all about books. Check it out here: http://bigboxesofbooks.blogspot.com/

Since I'm posting, maybe I should make time for a quick travel story. Okay, I'm too lazy to bother with a real story. Instead, a comment on the awesomeness that is Scotland. Did you know that they have a Loo of the Year award? Yes, an actual award honoring really nice bathrooms. I was lucky to find myself in two of the winners and, let me tell you, they deserved it. One was in a restaurant called The Green Welly. I don't think I have any pictures of the bathroom but I did take one of the sign:

The other winning bathroom was even nicer but sadly I don't have a picture of that one either. That was in a hotel on Loch Ness. I believe that hotel was also the home of the "official" Nessie gift shop. With that in mind, Loch Ness:


  1. Loo of the year? Love it. Is this the counterpoint to the Worst Toilet in Scotland scene in Trainspotting? What is it with Scotland and bathrooms? They really run the gamut.

  2. Huh, I hadn't realized Scotland had such a fascination with bathrooms. How weird.

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