Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh, Bologna!

Well, I lied about my next post being about Wales. Oh, well. Why? Because I remembered a recent Jeopardy episode answer/question about an interesting fountain in Bologna, Italy. If my memory is correct and my vision as good as I think it is, I've been to that fountain. And they definitely didn't show the most interesting part. I guess that makes it my job.

Come on, how much fun is that? Bologna is worth a visit just to see the fountain. Well, maybe.

As long as I'm posting, a few other notes about Bologna. I visited the city while spending a semester in England. A friend and I went on a weekend trip to Italy (Bologna and Florence) in the extreme cold (okay, it wasn't that bad) of February. Thanks to the greatness that is Ryanair, plane tickets cost close to nothing though the out-of-the-way airport isn't the most convenient. Whatever. Basically, our trip there was somewhat like a random pin in a map. (Other country? Check. Low airfare? Check. Gelato? Check.)

Bologna is a city of towers. Apparently, there used to be over two hundred though now I think about twenty remain. These two are (obviously) right next to each other, right in the middle of the city. I love the idea of random medieval buildings suddenly appearing.

No, your eyes and my photography are not deceiving you; they are leaning. That's right, leaning towers in Italy are not unique to Pisa.

Also notable about Bologna? The walkways, or porticos, I guess. Basically, a lot of "downtown" Bologna is connected by covered walkways that help shield people from rain, snow, sun, and the like. The city is famous for them and they are nice to walk through.

Once again, my post isn't as detailed as I'd like. Maybe my upcoming post about Wales will be better.

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  1. Gelato six times in a day and a half. check! I totally need to get back to Florence... just next time perhaps during the summer. Hope all is well with you! -your bologna travel buddy